Dr. Karen's

Training Academy

Establish, Equip, Endorse, Execute

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In this one-on-one 2 hour strategy session, I will assist you with strategy, resources, and accountability towards vision and goal implementation for 2022. We will create your 7 streams of income, and strategize about your business(es) and marketplace ventures. 


About Me

A Leader in both Ministry and the Marketplace

Dr. Karen Ratliff is a strategic planner that is passionate about helping others achieve their set goals and dreams. An entrepreneur, motivational speaker, professor, master certified life coach and consultant; she has a reputation for creating systems that deliver value and efficiently challenges organizational constraints to produce significant achievements and outstanding results.

 As a charismatic leader,


Dr. Karen has more than 15 years of experience in serving in the ministry and marketplace. She has worked as an Educational Consultant & Liaison, Professor, Chicago Public Schools District Manager and Curriculum Developer

She has served as the youngest and only female Senior Executive Director at New Life Covenant Church Southeast (NLCSE) - with more than 500 leaders, ministers and volunteers under her supervision. After her service in NLCSE, Dr. Karen was the lead project manager and trailblazer in partnership with NLCSE and Common for the only approved Charter School since 2013 - A.I.M Performing Arts Charter School where she also served as the Board President.